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Mixed media artist

Renate Rietbergen


In our world full of stimuli, temptations and noise, Renate Rietbergen's RRAL9010 expresses the need for more white space; more slack, more emptiness, more mingling of everything that attracts our attention.

Juggling with words and balancing on the intersection of literal and figurative, manifest and unmanifest, Renate claims silence where it is loud and wraps the pause in time to invite us inward.

I create to illuminate. And to celebrate white space as the playground of my soul.

Inspired by life itself and with a fascination with the tarnishing of the West, faith and spirituality, it was a half-full bucket of latex (RAL 9010) that would persuade her to change course in 2016.

In 2018, she put her communications career on mute and RRAL9010 became the flag under which she set her own course. It became a journey of discovery in which she explored her own space and its limits.

A spiritual venture to explore her unique message and contribution to the world. And following a path toward the blandest version of who she really is.

Works of 

Renate Rietbergen

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