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Carl Ifvars


Carl is a Swedish painter with a career in international trade in London and Geneva, who made the leap to the world of fine art after moving to Andalusia in 2017. which was further developed at the center-ART of Malaga.

Life's contrasts offer interesting dynamics and tensions that inspire his art. Mediterranean themes merge with his Scandinavian roots and impulses, creating a playful result, as seen in the base of the somber urn patterns for the Octopus series.

Western and Eastern myths and themes also inspire his work, such as the triple principle of heaven, earth and man. The sky represents consciousness, an empty and rough canvas. The earth represents the first inspiration, the first thought. Man refers to the expression of something.

The contrasts of life offer us interesting dynamics and tensions that inspire my art.

This principle is reflected in both the Pulpo and Mystix series as exhibited. In the latter, the pair represents our human essence in an everyday situation, the fractal landscape as our collective consciousness.

With vibrant color combinations and traditional techniques, he wants his work to exude originality and vitality. He lives and works in Malaga's eclectic Lagunillas neighborhood.

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Carl Ifvars

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