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Pauline Prior


I exhibited at home and abroad. Making photography three-dimensional has long been my theme. But I also like to think about playing with light and other ways of presenting and publishing. A large work has been acquired by the Jewish Historical Museum and can be seen in the permanent collection on the second floor.

The horse series were made when I did a lot of reporting for horse magazines. The Mexican horses were photographed during the Naitional Charros riding championships in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Mexican elite came there to show themselves and their horses.

Playing with light and other ways of presenting and publishing is something I enjoy thinking about.

I photographed the Tunisians in Douz, it was an international meeting in the middle of the desert. The Arabs can be super tough and there was gunfire; the bullets were flying around the horses' ears.

The photos are photo on aluminum and behind plexiglass.

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Pauline Prior

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