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Oil paint

Rina Burger


Rina Burger has worked as an advertising illustrator for some thirty years and has mastered many techniques including pen and ink drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting. 

What was previously her commissioned work for companies, such as luxury tin packaging, birth, wedding and occasion cards, stationery and much more, has now given way to her real passion: teaching and imparting knowledge. Once started in the Zaanse community centers, she has been teaching the 17th century oil painting technique to De Zaanse Salon Painters in her own studio since 2001.

How you look makes what you see.

Again, time for the 'free work' with different themes and always a bird somewhere as her feature.

Previous exhibitions in the casino of Zandvoort, the art gallery Staphorsius, private museum Het Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam and every three years together with De Zaanse Salon Schilders in Het Weefhuis of Zaandijk.

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Rina Burger

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