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Rob de Lange


Rob de Lange (1958) graduated from the d'Witte Lelie college in Amsterdam, majoring in drawing and handicrafts. But teaching has never been his cup of tea.

He retrained as an illustrator beginning in 1987. Through this work, he increased his viewing ability and skills in a wide variety of techniques.

After the birth of his son (1997), he made his first painting, a self-portrait in oil. Then he knew he wanted to continue as a painter. In a short time he developed into a realistic artist who has excellent craftsmanship and a strong sense of color and light. His main sources of inspiration are people and paint itself. That material and his sense of intensity create a form of painting that excels in control.

I look at life through a frame, I like to hold what moves me.

De Lange prefers to paint in acrylic. He chooses subjects from everyday life: people, everyday scenes, a demolished building, occasionally a still life. In recent years there has been an urge to give free rein to fantasy within his realism. A development that again produces exciting and intriguing work.

De Lange has his studio in the Zaanstreek, Netherlands. He can be contacted for portrait commissions.

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Rob de Lange

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